Kedarnath Temple ( 3580 m ) Himalaya , India

Kedarnath Temple is located in a wonderful area,  one of the holiest Hindu temples in India overwhelms you at first sight. both by its location in the depression at the base of Mount Kedarnath (6940m) and by the state of spirituality it emanates.
It is believed to have been built 5,000 years ago by the 4 Pandavas, the heroes of the Mahabharatha.
The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Half a million pilgrims come here  to Kedarnath  temple  every year, many of whom are sadhu-si (wandering monks). Their purpose is to experience states of unity with the Divine.
The Himalayas are so beautiful, these mountains are so majestic that you stay for long time  in adoration. 
Without being able to think of anything, you just stay with the soul like a sponge to fill you with …. Himalayas and God.