GOA The land of Beaches

Travel with us and visit a different kind of India. Here girls and women wear dresses without the emotion of seeing their legs, here you can sunbathe, you can enjoy the warm sea and palm trees, you can live in luxury and you can feel relaxed as in a western resort. It’s different from India here. Another facet of it. Beautiful, picturesque, elegant, spiritual, luxurious. Here we meet Hinduism, through the presence of Shakti, but also Christianity through the presence of St. Xavier, whose relics host them. You also feel at home, through the presence of churches and in the jungle thanks to palm trees. We lived in a hotel and from the balcony we saw the palm trees right in front of us, and beyond them the sea and the sunset. I was upstairs and it was as if I lived in a palm tree. It was something unique.

Goa – another Indie

We thank Vasco da Gama for discovering it and opening the gates to it. More exotic landscapes, more neat houses, gardens, churches, cathedrals, .. people wear European clothes, the temples have in their construction Portuguese influence, beautiful beaches, a sea and a warm, pleasant and relaxing climate. The place is ideal for a dream vacation. The guardian deity of this place is Mahalaxhmi