Yoga pregnancy

YOGA PREGNANCY taught subjects

1. Hatha Yoga – where a series of over 60 body positions are taught, specific for each trimester, which prepare the mother for the support of the pregnancy, for the birth and helps her to eliminate various inconveniences that come with the pregnancy.

2. Pranayama – breathing exercises that will bring you more energy in your being and help to give birth without pain

3. Philosophy and Psychology of pregnancy – where we will learn the ideal way to conceive a child, aspects related to the mother-child relationship, etc.

4. Pregnancy anatomy – we will present in detail what happens to the mother and baby every week and after birth

5. Chanting mantra – where we will present a series of Hindu mantras that will help mother and child

6. Meditation – we present different types of meditation that will relax the mother

7. Baby yoga – yogic procedures that can be applied to the child from the first day of birth and that will help him a lot to grow and develop harmoniously.

8. Yoga in couples – we present some methods that will bring a lot of harmony, love and polarization in your relationship

9. Tantra yoga – elements of spiritualization of love